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Salon Policy

As part of booking/requesting a appointment online or by phone Viva Hair will record your name, number and appointment details. This information will be passed to Viva Hair through email & over the phone. This data will not be shared with any other companies. You will also receive a text reminder of your appointment as part of the service if you do not want to receive your reminder text please email Viva Hair to opt out.

New Data Protection Law (GDPR) coming in from May 2018

From May this year we will not be able to contact our clients with promotional information without their permission.

The General Data Protection (GDPA) is designed to help protect the personal of consumers.

The GDPA classifies us, Viva Hair, as a Data Controller. The GDPA classifies   Premier Softwear for management purposes, as a Data Processor.

  1. The GDPA requires is, Viva Hair, to obtain you consent to collect, store and process data. Consent is defined by the GDPA as "and freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous indication of the data subjects wishes by which he or she, by statement or by a clear alternative action, signifies agreement to the processing of personal data relating to him or her." By giving Viva Hair your persona information you consent for us and Premier Software to store and process the personal information.
  2. The GDPA requires Viva Hair to provide information about how any personal information we collect will be used.  Any personal information collected about our customers is for the purpose of maintaining purchase and service history and to market said information directly to our customers. Any larger aggregation of data for marketing or analysis of purchasing trends is anonymised.
  3. The GDPA requires Viva Hair to provide a copy of all data held about our customers upon request.
  4. The GDPA requires Viva Hair to transfer personal data upon request to another Controller if technically feasible, which in our case is not feasible.
  5. The GDPA requires Viva hair to erase personal data upon request. We will erase your personal data by blanking all data fields, the deleting your customer record.

If you would NOT like us to contact you any longer please contact us via email on

Many thanks, Viva Hair